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If youu2019re looking for a hypnotherapist in Belfast then look no further than A1 Hypnotherapy Centre for hypnotherapy in Belfast and Ireland.

Female Hypnotherapist in Belfast


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Rosemary McCorry is a female hypnotherapist in Belfast helping people with problems like: panic attacks, weight loss, stopping smoking, anxiety, phobias etc. Providing a relaxed, professional, confidential, service, Rosemary provides advanced clinical hypnotherapy in Belfast to help people take back control over their own lives. As well as this,Rosemary is the only registered therapist in Northern Ireland on the UK IBS Register due to her specialised training in this area(as at 8-1-10).

"I help a lot of people who come to me with IBS find that their presenting symptoms can control their life, effect their confidence and cause them to feel trapped. It has been proven medically that hypnotherapy can greatly reduce these symptoms thus helping the person to gain freedom from these symptoms and take back control of their life and regain confidence."

Rosemary helps both private clients and NHS referrals at her private and also at several NHS Health Centres in the greater Belfast area.. CBT is provided as necessary, helping people to change and thus take control of their thoughts and feelings. This is a well-researched therapy which enables a person to take control of their thoughts and keep control of them,long after the therapy is complete.

You may be able to use one of our therapies via the NHS, if you call today I can discuss this with you.

Rosemary's Memberships

Rosemary is a member of:

The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
The National Guild of Hypnotists
The National Register of Hypnoterapists & Psychotherapists'
The General Hypnotherapy Register
The IBS Register

Tel: 028 90 792 822

Weight Control, Female Hypnotherapists in Belfast, Panic Attacks, Female Hypnotherapist in Belfast, Phobias, Anxiety, Confidence, IBS, Stopping Smoking in Belfast,

Weight Control, Female Hypnotherapist in Belfast, Panic Attacks, Phobias,Hypnotherapy in Belfast, Anxiety, Confidence, IBS, Hypnotherapy in Belfast, Stopping Smoking in Belfast.

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