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Beat Your Phobia

A phobia is a persistent irrational fear of and wish to avoid a specific object, activity or situation. The fear is irrational in the sense that it is out of proportion to the real danger and also that the person themselves recognises that it is over the top. It could be a fear of flying, or a fear of dogs (Rosemary is seen here with our two little angels) or public speaking for example. There are too many of these to mention, but all can be treated with advanced hypnotherapy in Belfast at the A1 Hypnotherapy Centre which gives you a choice of male or female therapists.

Fear of Flying - Public Speaking etc....

Fear of flying and public speaking are the most frequent phobias we are asked to help people overcome. Fear provoking situations including high places, crowds and open spaces. Phobic clients feel anxious not only in the presence of the object or situation but also when thinking about them (anticipatory anxiety). It has been estimated that one out of ten people is beset by a special fear of one kind or another. The original word for phobias comes from the Greek word phobia meaning fear.

Take Back Control Now !

The subconscious mind is producing the phobic symptoms and it maybe helpful to realise what the deeper mind is providing for the client by giving them these symptoms. In other words, what is the secondary gain here as this needs to be addressed and dealt with to help the person take back control of their lives. Advanced hypnotherapy in Belfast at the A1 Hypnotherapy Centre is invaluable here, as it can help a person understand and deal with the root cause or the contributing factors of their phobia which can give them the freedom they desire.

Examples of Phobias

Flying Public Speaking Certain Animals Open Spaces Enclosed Spaces Diseases Hospitals Suffering Heights Crowds Thunder Lonliness Dirt and Germs Blood Blushing Dark Cotton Wool Clowns Bananas Spiders ......to name but a few...........

Contact Us Now

So if you have reached the point that it is now the time to do something about your phobia and take back control over your life, then contact us now to discuss the best and most effective option for you. We are clinical hypnotherapists in Belfast and will answer any questions you may have.

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