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If youu2019re looking for a hypnotherapist in Belfast then look no further than A1 Hypnotherapy Centre for hypnotherapy in Belfast and Ireland.

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We offer Hypnotherapy in Belfast to enable people to take back control over their own lives. As hypnotherapists in Belfast, we explain to our clients that Hypnotherapy is simply a therapy carried out in hypnosis. It works on the principle that "trance" is a naturally occurring state which we engage in every day. In this state, the mind is more open to suggestion enabling the therapist to find and remove the very thing that has been controling that person up to then.


Mental and Physical Relaxation

With hypnotherapy, a person can use this state through mental and physical relaxation to gain insight into the true cause of their problem helping to bring about the required change. Clients are usually taught self-hypnosis to furter empower them for future challenging situations.

You Are Always In Full Control

Contrary to popular myth, hypnosis is not about giving the therapist control of your mind, as you will enjoy full control at all times. It is a state of heightened awareness at one with a feeling of relaxation. Hypnosis is very like daydreaming or feels similar to becoming totally absorbed in a good book or film, you are always in full control.

Kind, Caring Professionals

You will find both Hugh and Rosemary two Belfast Hypnotherapists who are kind caring professionals and who will listen to your situation in a non-judgemental friendly enviroment and who will help you make the changes you wish to make.

Call Hugh direct on 028 90 792 822 or email him at

hugh@a1hypnotherapycentre.co.uk orvia our contacts page

NHS Referrals, Hypnotherapists in Belfast, Never out of Control, Anxiety, Stop smoking, Never out of Control, Hypnotherapy in Belfast, NHS Referrals, Weight Control Issues

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